Dedicated to service and service only we are committed to the yacht industry.  As avid boaters ourselves, we know the value of having an experienced, qualified mechanic available when unforseen issues threaten your customer's already too short boating time.  We also know you can never have enough quality techs available when the season is in full swing. Let us handle some of that load for you.  Nothing costs more than losing a valued customer because you can't get to them fast enough, that's why we're here.


Our mechanics learned the trade working for some of the industry's leading yacht manufacturers.  

Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value, your customers will love us.


Get to know our experienced mechanics. We have got the tools, skills, and a desire to help. Come see why no team is as equipped, qualified, or conscientious as we are.

Earning your business 


For over 35 years we’ve been striving to provide our dealers with the best quality service possible.  We'll treat your customers we would like to be treated. 


We want to be the yacht maintenance contractor you call for all your customer's service needs.

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Committed to the manufacturers, dealers and marinas that make this industry so great, providing their customers with excellent service so they can focus on running their business.

Many businesses pop up when an industry is at it's best. The real measure of their resolve is if they can remain when it's at it's worst. The past several years have been the worst this industry has ever seen. Many of the popular brands we are accustom to seeing at the boat shows and on the water are no longer around.



Rick Sweeten began training for a career in the marine industry when he started working at his family's boat dealership in South Jersey at the age of 12.  From those early years of painting bottoms and rigging boats, to eventually owning that dealership, then moving on to start a new service only facility, he has gained a scope of knowledge and experience not often seen in the industry. Being contracted by some of the industry's largest and most prestigious yacht manufacturers demands the utmost attention to detail, a quality seen in every job we do.  From the very beginning, Rick knew that if you want to gain your client's trust, you must do things right.  Doing things right starts with the right tools, the right training and the right people.   But most importantly, it starts with the right attitude. You can trust your customers to us.


For what profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?  

                                                                                                              Mark 8:36

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